Online Skype are available now!

Contact me: or (919) 475-8583 to get started. 

Skype ID:  michael.gillespie86

If you have a computer Skype is free and yes Skype lessons really are effective!  As someone who has given many and taken many I've always benefited from online lessons.  They help connect you to a great resource in the convenience of your own living room. 

I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching and a Master's of Music degree in trumpet.  Those coupled with years of classroom and individual teaching experience ensure that you will get the most value for your time and money.  If you are looking to improve range, reading, jazz skills, musicianship, fundamentals or to prepare an audition or etude I can help you.

Once I hear you play I will be able to recommend exercises, books, methods or other things to help you advance your playing.  I'll be available for weekly lessons to help you progress through the material.  

Rates are affordable and a great value!